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ExoRise is applying the compact mechanics found in exoskeleton technology and advanced design to create a powered knee brace that aids mobility by providing transfer assistance and training.  Our technology acts as external quadriceps for the user too weak to stand on their own, providing the strength and stability needed to stand up and sit down.

Our technology is:

  • Lightweight & adjustable

  • Capable of lifting a 300 lb. person

  • Self-contained unit with wireless control

  • Can be placed on patient while seated or supine

  • Can complete transfer in under 3 minutes



ExoRise's technology has the potential to aid mobility and reduce injuries to residents/patients and caregivers across the multiple segments of the care provider market

Long-term Care & Nursing Homes

Acute Care & Hospitals

Physical Rehabilitation


JHU - Center for BioEngineering Innovation and Design

ExoRise was founded by Biomedical Engineering Students at Johns Hopkins University's Center for Bioengineering Innovation and Design.

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Silver Spring, MD


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